Cold Laser Therapy


There have been numerous scientific studies and are many research articles that discuss different aspects of Low Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) or cold laser.

Through photonic absorption, laser light energy converts into chemical energy which initiates a cascade of events at a cellular level.

The Erchonia laser (3LT) was granted market clearance by the FDA after competing two randomized double blind clinical trials in which 66% pain reduction was observed after a single treatment.

Pain relief occurs through an increase of endorphin release.

LLLT promotes healing in many conditions because it penetrates the skin, Increases the ATP and activates enzymes in the targeted cells. Growth factor response within the cells and tissue as a result of increased ATP and protein synthesis.

Strengthening the immune system response via increasing levels of Lymphocyte activity. When there is an injury to the body the cells are affected and no longer function normally, resulting in damage at different levels in varying degrees to the body. Cold laser penetrates into the skin and works by restoring cellular function to the affected area.

With this approval for Non-surgical treatment of neck and shoulder pain the Erchonia laser has become widely used.

Erchonia continues to conduct research, through clinical trials and independent studies, and recently received a second FDA approval for Liposuction/Wound healing.

There are several other manufactured devices that are likely to offer some benefit for certain conditions, but FDA Clinical Trials and Scientific Facts support and point to the 635nm wavelength and 5mw power used by Erchonia as the most effective combination to provide superior therapeutic benefit in any number of conditions.

The Erchonia laser can be helpful for; bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis/arthralgia, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, sprain-strains, repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, planter fascitis/heel spurs, fibromyalgia, swelling, back pain, wound healing, nerve root pain, disc herniations, nerve root pain, minor nerve damage, TMJ pain/dysfunction, trigeminal neuralgia, acupuncture points, trigger points, post-operative pain, migraine headaches, fractures, heavy metal detoxification, autoimmune diseases, chronic or acute pain.

If you are experiencing any of the above, you may find laser therapy useful.

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