Success Stories

We value our patients' experience at Colarusso Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. John Colarusso

  • "The results I have are very good. I feel much better thanks to Dr. Colarusso."
  • "I first started coming to this office April 2008. I was suffering from shoulder pains that had started one year ago; this was caused by cleaning ceilings and high walls. This was bad enough to bother my sleep habits and golfing. The results I have had, I can finally sleep comfortably. My back is okay now with very little remaining pain. Thanks to Dr. Colarusso."
  • "I came to this office in February 2008. I had back and neck pain from my car accident. It hurt pretty badly. Now it has drastically improved. It is amazing. I can sleep better, with less pain and headaches."
  • "I was having headaches and chest pains. They had been on going for a couple of years. The results I have had are wonderful! Headaches are pretty rare now and I never have chest pains now."
  • "I heard about Dr. Colarusso through an add in a magazine and I drive by this office all the time. I use to live on Tylenol Advil most days to just "contain" the pain. That no doctor could find a source for. I have had AMAZING results coming to Dr. Colarusso. For the first time in over four years I don't have migraines everyday."
  • "I have had excellent results at this office. I am at a point in my life that I mostly have to get therapy to just maintain a fairly good condition now."
  • "We met Dr. Colarusso at a home show. I had a ruptured disk which had been going on for a long-g-g time. Since I have been coming to this office, I have seen great results! I appreciate the good care, friendly attitude (Congrats to staff, too), clean and orderly facility."
  • "We have known Dr. Colarusso for a number of years. Since we have been regular patients for so many years, we have brought every possible condition to Dr. Colarusso from pre-post cancer4 treatment, sprains, and a number of other treatable issues. We use Dr. Colarusso services to help us maintain optimal health. John Rocks! Very caring, very through, very knowledgeable."
  • "A couple of years ago I was in a car accident, I have had back injuries since then. The injury was bad enough that I missed 2 months of work, I was on FMLA leave. Dr. C has worked miracles. I couldn't even function without what he has done for me."
  • "I greatly appreciate, the care I've received here Dr. Colarusso is very knowledgeable, caring, informative, and gives wonderful suggestions for improved health. I have never received such great information from a doctor. A heart felt thanks to the doctor and his assistant (who is a great reflection for the office)"
  • "Since I started my chiropractic care, I am virtually rid of my headaches. I have also seen an improvement in my emotional health and the way I sleep at night; and, of course, I've seen an improvement of my back."